About me...

My name is Elisa and I am trying to educate myself on how best to live in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Living sustainably can sometimes seem daunting or unachievable, so I want to pass on the knowledge that I’m gathering so we can all benefit.

I am a qualified physiotherapist, and so I have decided to use those skills of gathering information, problem solving, effective communication and working with people on this journey of navigating how to live sustainably.

The reason I set out to do this blog is that by spreading awareness we can all do our bit to best help preserve our environment. After all it is better that more of us contribute imperfectly than one person living a Zero Waste lifestyle perfectly!

What I do...

Zero Waste Experience: 


– I have given talks on living sustainably and zero waste living to the Tara Street co-working office, community groups, at Drumconcious in Small Changes, Drumcondra.

I’m happy to talk for free within reasonable travel areas, for non-profits and charities, that don’t charge entry to the event. If you’re a company and would like me to talk to your employees please email me (emonahan@tcd.ie) and we can discuss the arrangements.


– I am also available to do home or work visits with individuals and organisations on how to move towards sustainable living and businesses.

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