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Sustainable Shopping

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Special Occasions 


Gift giving should be a joy, a spontaneous gesture to show a loved one that you are thinking of them. However, it can become a chore, an annual reciprocal gift giving charade that has just become onerous not fun. If you are feeling this then probably most others in your life are too. So take the load off and talk about it! Maybe with some of the people in your life, you both feel happier with a gift free system and instead enjoy a quality time get together!

For larger groups suggest a Kris Kindle with a set budget to avoid any unnecessary financial burdens.

Limit food waste by doing some meal planning and only buying what you need. For any excess foodstuff, have a plan to use them up in meals such as curries, risotto, pastas etc or simply freeze some of it in labelled portions. Remember to always use up the foods that will go off first!

For the special people in your life that you would like to still give gifts to, aim to make them as sustainable and ethical as possible. Local craft markets and charity shops are an excellent source of present ideas. I have listed some of these below.

  • Experience gifts
  • A gift voucher for a creative class/ workshop or gig
  • Homemade food/ natural skincare products or crafted items
  • Locally crafted plastic free products 
  • Books or plastic free boardgames (Charity shops are great for these)
  • Plastic free Toys
  • Charity Gift Cards

Explore your creative side and make your own card and wrapping paper using recycled materials, they may not be as glossy but they are definitely way more thoughtful! Make an evening of it and get together with family or friends to create your own plastic free reusable decorations (flowers, leaves and cones can come in really useful here).

And don’t forget that special occasions are about spending time with your loved ones so above all else have fun!!!